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Android Studio E-Java Beginner Course – Udemy

Android Studio E-Java Beginner Course Udemy

Android Studio E-Java Beginner Course Udemy: Our course will teach you as much fun as possible with dogs, memes and jokes.

What you’ll learn from this course:

  • Install and Configure Android studio E Java JDK
    Create, Open, and Rename Projects in Android Studio
    Set Up Virtual Machines That Simulate Android Devices
    Java Basic Programming and Mathematical Operations
    Fix Errors Using Android Studio Interface
    Use Single or Multiple Conditionals
    Using and Placing Components on Android (TextView, ImageView, Buttons, and EditTexts)
    Programming Void, Integer, and String Functions
    Programming Functions with Parameters
    Alert Messages Using Toast
    Receive User Data with EditTexts
    Create a Complete Calculator
    Create Image Animations
    Use Own Fonts in TextViews
    Install and Configure a Faster Emulator (GenyMotion)
    Course content

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Requirements: Android Studio E – Java– Beginner Course

No prior knowledge required, it’s a beginner course

Description: Android Studio E – Java– Beginner Course

Need an app for your million dollar idea?

We know programming can seem difficult and complicated, but with these classes you will learn quickly, in a funny, fast and fun way.

This course is about Developing Native Android Applications using Android Studio. When you register you will receive a booklet with more than 100 pages of content about the course.

* If you want to test the course, the first 10 classes are available for free *

The course is divided into sections according to the topics, at the end of each section there is a Quizz to reinforce your knowledge.

The job market is being affected by the crisis, it is expected that in Brazil in 2022 there will be more than 400 thousand open IT jobs, knowing how to program for mobile devices can be a big differential when looking for a job or creating your own Startup!


  • Installing and setting up Android Studio on Windows and MAC
  • How to do arithmetic operations, and print them to the screen.
  • How to comment on codes.
  • How to resolve errors and bugs in the code.
  • Conditionals to compare values.
  • Creating new screens.
  • Working with strings.
  • Adding functions to buttons.
  • Changing the application icon.
  • How to debug USB your applications.
  • Alerting onscreen messages.
  • Creating functions with parameters and conditionals.


How to install a faster emulator.
How to create animations in images.
How to use own fonts.

What are the requirements?

No prior programming skills are required, you will learn from scratch.
A PC or MAC with an Internet connection.
No paid software is required. Who is the target audience?

Who is this course for?

Anyone who wants to learn in a practical, fast and fun way.
People who want to create their own apps.
Who is this course for:

People who want to learn Android in a funny way.
Beginners with Android Mobile Programming


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