Arizona is the first state to put its driver’s license and state ID in Apple’s Wallet


The first state to officially roll out Apple’s digital driver’s license and state ID is Arizona, the iPhone maker announced Wednesday. “Starting today, Arizonans can add their driver’s license or state ID to Wallet, and tap their iPhone or Apple Watch to seamlessly and securely present it at select TSA security checkpoints in Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport,” Apple announced in a press release.

If you live in Arizona and want to add your license or ID to Wallet, you can do so right from the Wallet app. Take photos of the front and back of your license or ID, and you will “be prompted to complete a series of facial and head movements during the setup process,” according to Apple. Apple is not the one approving requests to add licenses or IDs to Wallet — instead, the company says Arizona will be responsible for that.

Image: Apple

If you want to show your digital license or ID to TSA at the airport, here’s what the process looks like, according to Apple:

On their iPhone or Apple Watch, users will be shown which information is requested by the TSA, and can consent to provide it with Face ID or Touch ID, without having to unlock their iPhone or show their ID card. All information is shared digitally, so users do not need to show or hand over their device to present their ID.

According to Apple, during this process, “the TSA will also capture a picture of the traveler for verification purposes.” We’ve asked Apple and the TSA for details on where those photos might be stored, how they can ensure they stay private, and if the photos will be deleted after a certain period of time.

Real ID-compliant identification cards will be supported by Wallet, Apple spokesperson Heather Norton tells The Verge. You’ll need one of those to fly domestically beginning in May 2023 (though that deadline has already been pushed a couple of times).

Apple has recently amped up its efforts to make the Wallet app a replacement for your physical wallet, though many of its initiatives have been only available sporadically. The digital licenses / IDs are right now only available “for use in select states at select TSA checkpoints within Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX),” according to Apple’s fine print. Apple’s digital car keys are only supported by select BMW models, though they are reportedly coming to Hyundai’s Genesis brand. Digital hotel keys are available at certain Hyatt hotels. And you can add a COVID-19 vaccine card to Wallet only if your healthcare provider or health authority supports the feature.

Apple says additional states will offer the driver’s license and ID feature “soon,” including Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma, the territory of Puerto Rico, and Utah.

Update March 23rd, 12:27PM ET: Added information from Apple about Real ID.