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Backbone Tutorial: Learn Backbone JS from Scratch

Backbone Tutorial: Learn Backbone JS from Scratch – Free Course

A collection of hands-on, step-by-step, bite-sized Backbone tutorials covering fundamentals of Backbone.

BestsellerCreated by Mosh HamedaniLast Update 4 / 2018EnglishEnglish [Auto generated] This course includes

  • 5 hour on demand video.
  • 5 articles.
  • 36 downloadable resources.
  • Lifetime access.
  • Mobile and TV access.
  • Certificate completion

What will you learn?

  • Write clean, perfect structured, maintainable, and testable JavaScript code.
  • Backbone Create client client application with JS.
  • Backbone Create a one page program with JS.
  • Jasmine. Test the JavaScript code with js.
  • Modalize JavaScript code as needed. Js

Course contentall 61 lectures 05:15:04Requirements

  • Only basic understanding of JavaScript and jQuery.


Want to learn how to write a clean, maintainable, testable JavaScript code?

There are a number of libraries and frameworks to help you configure JavaScript code. Backbone JS is one of them.

In this course, I will give you a step-by-step journey to learn the backbone from Nokia to Ninja. Everything you need to know to create real-world applications built and maintained with Backbone.

You don’t need any prior information about backbone. Only basic understanding of JavaScript and jQuery is sufficient to take this course.

We start with the big picture.

You will learn about the backbone’s basic building blocks and what they are used for. Then, I’ll show you a real-world example of a backbone application and explain how these building blocks work together.

Then we start learning the backbone.

Once you get the big picture, we start practically learning the backbone from scratch. Lectures are short, concise and important, without wasting your time. I hate courses that waste time with students (with a lot of ramblings) and I’ve done my best to make sure I don’t waste your time on this course!

Each section includes:

  • An introduction that tells you what you are learning.
  • A few lectures teach you new ideas in a step-by-step fashion.
  • A cheat sheet for a quick overview of what you’ve learned.
  • A mini project or assignment to implement what you’ve learned.

Next, we fall into the challenges of the real world.

Once we cover the basic principles of Backbone, then we will cover unit testing and modularization of code. You will learn the basics of RequireJS and Jasmine.

And finally build an application from scratch

In the last section, we will create an application in a recurring manner with Backbone. With every iteration, we make our app better than the tricky steps. The source code before and after each lecture is available for you to download or download for your own completion.

I will share with you other tips to make you a better web developer.

I’ve been a web developer since 2000. In the last section, I will talk with you about usability, productivity, clean coding, object oriented programming, HTML, CSS, bit security and many more. Things This Additional Content Helps You Become A Better Web Developer

I will show you many real examples.

During the course I touched on some of the most popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Foursquare, and Buttley and explained how you can create something like this with backbone. So, by the end of this course, you will have a good and deep understanding of Backbone and how to use it to create real-world applications.

What else do you get?

  • Date access to course material.
  • New lectures, tips and tricks, all for free.
  • Ask me any questions and I will help you throughout your education.

What my students say:

“The MOSH course is one of the best online courses I have ever taken, whether backbone or some other technology. MOSH’s teaching style is unique. It is well-understood in a manner consistent with unit testing. Provides logical guidance to the student through the development of. “- David Handel.

“This is one of the best courses I have given to Odemy so far. Mosh is a great instructor because it is clear and it is clear that the lessons are well prepared and not structured. Thank you very much. India Salvatore!

“Very good course, with a clear example. Mosh is a very professional trainer and magic developer. Thank you for your good job.” Antonio Marco Taltool.

What is the risk to you?

Absolutely nothing! This course comes with a 30 day refund guarantee from Edemy. Do a course, watch lectures, follow up on assignments and if you are not happy, ask for a refund. If no questions are asked, you will get your entire refund.

So do you want to learn backbone from scratch and write clean, structured, maintainable and JavaScript code?

Take this course now and let’s get started. Who is this course for:

  • Any frontend developer who wants to write a clean, structured, maintainable and testable JavaScript code.
  • Any frontend developer who wants to build rich client applications.

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