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CNIC Details With Picture Check online Pakistan

In this modern era of digitalization and technology, the Government of Pakistan is now allowing all of you to check, track and verify all of the details related to your CNIC. This blog is Regarding How to check CNIC Details with picture online in Pakistan. So if you have any sort of concern related to your CNIC then you can easily check it out from the NADRA database. From the system built, you can check CNIC details, record and even you can claim a picture of your CNIC card.  The NADRA system provides you with a facility to find out your details with fewer clicks. There is a small and easy process for every detail you need to know.


Nadra is the body working under the Government of Pakistan. The institute works to keep and track the record of every individual who has the nationality of Pakistan and is a Pakistani citizen. Nadra website if you want to Visit.

The institute has a huge database and has a record of every citizen of Pakistan. NADRA also keeps the track of a person whether dead or alive. Many of the statistics given by the Government of Pakistan rely on the data in NADRA.

NADRA Verisys

The verisys is a system offered by NADRA using which you can check and track the record and information about your CNIC from the NADRA database. Applying on verisys for such a piece of information is also very easy and everything there is online. NADRA is one of the trusted most institutes in Pakistan. So applying for Verisys is safer as well. The NADRA system asks for declaration before applying in it for tracking, checking, or asking for a picture.


As we have discussed that NADRA has a lot of data about the nationalization and the citizens of Pakistan. So through services like verisys, NADRA is offering a lot to the citizen of Pakistan. There are multiple types of Documents you can check in the verisys system. The verification system of NADRA offers verification of the following documents:


  • CNIC
  • FRC
  • POC
  • CRC

NADRA through their system facilitates their system a lot.


For the verification process in NADRA and applying for the verisys system, there you need to pass through a process to get the picture of your CNIC online.

So following are the steps you need to go through while claiming your CNC related data from NADRA:


  • Add a balance of RS 100/- to your verisys account. You can add money into the verisys account online as well through Jazz Cash, Easypaisa, and your Debit Card.


  • The next thing you have to do is make an application for claiming your data. In that application, you can mention the reason for claiming the data and picture of your CNIC.


  • After submitting your application, you have to fill a form that comes into the picture and you have to fill all the given empty spaces with the right and desired answers.


  • The next is to do is do sign a declaration. You have to claim and declare that you are asking for the information and pictures of your CNIC for a valid and safe reason.


  • After fulfilling all the criteria, you can then check for the desired picture of your CNIC if you have mentioned all the details correctly. Any sort of error and mistake can lead to the rejection of your request.


Picture of CNIC

After the top of the written amount, submitting the application, and signing the declaration the NADRA after verification of all the details you have mentioned send you a picture of your CNIC.  Having the picture of CNIC is the finest element you can have for any case. So you can see how much NADRA facilitated the citizens of Pakistan solving out any of their queries.

Other Verification Processes

Along with the detail, you can ask in the form of getting a picture of your document through verisys online System. There are some other methods as well for which you can try depending on your requirement.


  • You can check information by sending an SMS have your 13 digit CNIC Number to the NADRA on 7000. You can find out text message-based details of your CNIC.
  • From NADRA, you can also check fingerprint records on their website. All you have to do is to click on “fingerprint verification” given somewhere o. the website. Then you have to fill in your CNIC number and check the CAPTCHA.


CNIC is a very important asset of any Pakistani and it is very important for all of us to have some record of your data related to CNIC in any case of trouble. So you must be very careful about your CNIC card. Moreover, if you need any kind of detail about your CNIC you can check it on the National Database of NADRA as well.

The verisys services offered by NADRA are very important, ital and are very useful for every citizen of Pakistan.

Hope that the post written increases your awareness about finding out details of your CNIC along with a picture as well. We also have written the whole process using which you can easily apply for a picture and other details related to your CNIC.

We also hope that you will keep following the steps mentioned above and you will use the information for a safe and valid reason.



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