Devastating cyclone kills 30 in India


Devastating cyclone kills 30 in India

More than 200,000 people have been evacuated and a hundred are missing after a ship wrecked by the scourge of ‘Tauktae’

Water floods the streets of the town of Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India) ./

Tragedy continues to rage against India. Suffocated by a terrible second wave of coronavirus that this Tuesday returned to record a record of 4,000 deaths in one day, the population has seen its drama multiplied by the devastating passage of cyclone ‘Tauktae’, the most virulent in decades. The wake of destruction that it has left in the western regions, especially in the State of Gujarat, raised a fear yesterday of a crisis of incalculable consequences judging by the extensive material damage and a provisional balance of 27 deaths, to which was added a hundred of missing in the wreck of a ship that succumbed to strong gusts of wind that reached 185 kilometers per hour.

The authorities reported that victims have been counted in the western states of Kerala, Goa, Maharashtra, but especially in Gujarat, where more than 200,000 people have had to be evacuated since ‘Tauktae’ made landfall on Monday with a devastating power without precedents. “I have never experienced such intensity in my life. It was a completely dark night, the electricity went out and the winds were roaring. It was terrifying! ”Recounted a shocked hotelier in the city of Bhavnagar.

In Gujarat alone, more than 16,500 houses were damaged, 160 state roads were destroyed, 40,000 trees were uprooted by the winds, as well as power towers that left 2,400 villages without power. In a matter of minutes the streets turned into rivers as tens of thousands of people tried to seek refuge in despair.

Complicated rescue

In Bombay, where the airport was closed for several hours on Monday and the authorities asked the population to stay safe, the catastrophe unleashed on its shores. The sinking of a boat that had been adrift with 273 people has left a hundred missing. Rescue teams were scrambling to find them in extremely difficult circumstances after rescuing the other 177 passengers.

The scourge of ‘Tauktae’ has forced the authorities of Gujarat and Mumbai to suspend the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus. Hospitals are saturated, with health personnel on the verge of exhaustion, and with a pressing shortage of oxygen and medicines. In this context, the Government yesterday tried to avoid power cuts in hundreds of health centers where covid patients are treated and in dozens of oxygen plants.

On Sunday, some 580 coronavirus patients who were being treated in field hospitals had to be transferred to safer places due to the imminent arrival of the cyclone. The health crisis, now aggravated by ‘Tauktae’, continues unabated in India. Proof of this is that, despite the decrease in cases in recent days, yesterday a new daily maximum of deaths from coronavirus was recorded: 4,329, which brings the total number of deaths to 278,719. In addition, for the first time, the threshold of 25 million infections was exceeded after 263,533 new infections were detected.


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