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Netanyahu bids farewell with call to overthrow Israeli government

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Netanyahu bids farewell with call to overthrow Israeli government

Bennett strengthens security in his debut as prime minister in the face of Hamas threats over the ultra-nationalist march

25 minutes, that’s the time Benyamin Netanyahu spent doing the power transfer Naftali Bennett in the prime minister’s office. He avoided the official ceremony, closed the door to the cameras during the meeting and as soon as it concluded, he declared to the media that the government of change that ends his twelve-year mandate is based “on fraud, hatred and the search for power. “And has opted to make their tasks difficult and” achieve the redemption of the people and the State of Israel. ”

A sour farewell, marked by the desire for revenge against a Bennett who in his first hours as head of government has to face the “March of the flags” that the ultranationalists will carry out in the Old City of Jerusalem and that has provoked the response of Hamas, which summons the Palestinians to a “day of wrath.” The Army has reinforced the Iron Shield against the possible launch of rockets from the Strip and Defense Minister Benny Gantz has approved a list of targets linked to the Islamist group in case of being attacked, revealed Channel12.

How long will the new Executive of Israel last? This is the most repeated question since on Sunday afternoon Parliament ratified by a single vote of difference the agreement between eight opposition parties to form the so-called government of change. Israeli media such as Canal12 conducted polls and 43% said that this cabinet led by a prime minister from a party like Yamina, which only obtained six deputies in the March elections, will dissolve “quickly”.

After the challenging tone that Netanyahu maintained in his relationship with Joe Biden and Brussels, the new Foreign Minister, Yair Lapid, regretted that “our relations with the EU countries they are not good enough, our relations with too many governments were neglected and became hostile. Lapid, the true architect of the coalition and future prime minister of the rotating government in 2023, surprised by stating that “yelling at everyone that they are anti-Semitic is not a policy or a work program, even if it sometimes seems fair.” A frontal criticism of the diplomacy maintained by Netanyahu’s teams.

After the telephone congratulations from Biden and Josep Borrell, head of European diplomacy, came the reaction of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) and the Prime Minister, Mohamed Shtayé, affirmed that “with the departure of Netanyahu from office in Israel after twelve consecutive years one of the worst periods in history closes of the conflict ». However, he was not optimistic about the change and announced that “the Israeli government has no future if it does not take into account the Palestinian people and their legitimate rights.” Bennett led the settlers for two years, although he has never lived in a settlement, and is a supporter of annexing the West Bank.

Avoid divisions

In the first hours of the new government, local analysts pointed out that the agenda will focus on social and economic issues, where there is not too much disparity in such a heterogeneous coalition. Deeper issues, such as the conflict with the Palestinians with whom dialogue has been frozen since 2014, or others that may cause internal divisions they do not appear in the agenda short term. The immediate concern is to overcome the “march of the flags” and to be able to obtain the necessary support to approve the general budgets.


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