Netanyahu has a week to stop the government of change in Israel

Netanyahu has a week to stop the government of change in Israel

Next Monday the Israeli Parliament votes the change in the executive proposed by a coalition formed in extremis by eight opposition parties

Benjamin Netanyahu during a ceremony this Monday./AFP

Israel will have to wait a week to find out whether or not the parliament ratifies the government of change that would end the era of Benjamin Netanyahu. The vote could take place next Monday, the 14th, although the speaker of the chamber, Yariv Levin, of the Likud, did not give a specific date and only said that it would be “within a week”. This vote is the last step left for the coalition formed in extremis by eight opposition parties and until Netanyahu takes place it will continue to fight against what it considers “a dangerous left government”. The ultra-nationalist leader Naftali Bennett, called to be the new prime minister of a rotating government that he will share with the centrist Yair Lapid, asked Levin not to delay the process and allow voting on Wednesday, but the chamber spokesman kept the deadline of one week. .

The pressure grows every day on the deputies of the right and far right parties of the coalition to change the direction of their vote and the head of the internal security service, Nadav Argaman, warned all politicians against “an increase in speeches that incite violence, especially through social networks. The degree of threats received by Bennett from the far right has led the Shin Bet to take care of his security. Media such as Yediot Aharonot warned that the current environment “recalls the days that preceded the death of Isaac Rabin”, shot dead by a Jewish extremist after the signing of agreements with the Palestinians.

No to the route of the ‘March of the flags’

In the midst of the climate of tension, the Police decided not to authorize the route of the “March of the flags” that Israeli far-right militants wanted to carry out on Thursday. Led by the Religious Zionism party, the radicals planned to resume the march that they could not carry out last ‘Jerusalem Day’ through the heart of the Muslim quarter of the Old City. “If the organizers decide to change the format and / or the date of this march, the matter will be examined as usual,” said the Police in a statement that Bezalel Smotrich, an ultra-nationalist deputy and organizer, described as “shameful surrender to terrorism and the threats from Hamas. The Islamist group had threatened to break the fragile ceasefire if the march went ahead.

Another open front is the eviction of Palestinian families from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, in the eastern part of the holy city. After a month of deliberation, the attorney general, Avichai Mendelblit, decided not to intervene and the final decision was made by the Supreme Court. The prosecution considers that the case of the families “It is too weak” and his legal opinion “will not be able to avoid eviction.”

Sheikh Jarrah is at the epicenter of the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians and this weekend the Police temporarily detained Al Jazeera journalist Givara Budeiri and the Al Kurd brothers, Muna and Mohamed, true banners of Palestinian digital activism and responsible for the wide coverage and monitoring in local and international media of these evictions that are increasingly close.


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