Biden will demand that Putin respect human rights

Biden will demand that Putin respect human rights

He states that one of the objectives of his summit with his Russian counterpart is to make it clear that he will not stand idly by if he violates them.

Biden, this Sunday, during the Veterans Day celebration.  / reuters

The American president, Joe Biden, pledged this Sunday to remind his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, at his next bilateral summit that the United States will not allow Russia to “violate” human rights. “I will meet with him in a couple of weeks in Geneva to make it clear to him that no, we will not sit idly by and let him abuse those rights,” he said in a speech.

Biden, In addition, he announced that he had a long telephone conversation in February with his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping. «I also made it clear to him that we cannot do anything other than defend human rights throughout the world, because that is who we are, “he emphasized. “The United States is unique. It’s an idea, ”he insisted. “For us, the fact that all men and women are born equal is a fact.”

The North American President will meet his Russian counterpart on June 16 in the Swiss city of Geneva at a time of great tension between the two rival powers. The White House tenant is showing great firmness in the face of Russia, eager to mark a break with his predecessor Donald Trump, accused of complacency with the head of the Kremlin.


Although he promises to punish Russia again “if it continues to interfere” with American democracy and even called Putin a “murderer”, Biden maintains that he does not want to “unleash a cycle of escalation and conflict” and insists on his desire for dialogue.

Since the Democratic leader took office, the United States has imposed new sanctions against Moscow considering it played a role in the massive SolarWinds cyberattack and influenced the 2020 presidential elections. In addition, Washington has harshly criticized Moscow for the near-fatal poisoning and subsequent imprisonment of one of Putin’s latest opponents, Alexei Navalni.

Tensions are also manifesting in Ukraine, where Russia already controls swaths of territory and recently concentrated troops on the border in a new show of force. Another focus of attention is Belarusdominated by Russia, which caused a stir this week after Minsk authorities forced a Ryanair commercial jet to land to detain an opponent of President Alexander Lukashenko on board.


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