China replicates Biden’s order on the virus with the US fiasco in Iraq’s weapons

China replicates Biden’s order on the virus with the US fiasco in Iraq’s weapons

The order to the CIA to clarify in 90 days if the epidemic started in the Wuhan laboratory triggers the tension with Beijing

Two guards monitor access to the high-security virological laboratory in Wuhan./Pablo M. Díaz

China on Thursday accused the Administration headed by Joe Biden of “politicizing” the pandemic after the US president ordered the CIA to open a thorough investigation into its origin. So far, not even the intelligence services themselves have agreed on this issue and many analysts have been surprised by the announcement of the Democratic leader, as it recalls the derogatory argument of his predecessor, Donald Trump, about the “Chinese virus” and It triggers the confrontation with the Asian giant, with which relations are already very tense due to a more economic and commercial than ideological pulse.

In a harsh response, Beijing questioned Washington’s motives for pressing this issue and recalled the fabricated intelligence fabric that the United States used to justify the 2003 invasion of Iraq. “The notorious record of the US intelligence community is known. in the world for a long time, “said Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian. On its website, the Chinese embassy in the US points to the obsession of some political forces “with manipulation and the blame game”, which will only hamper new investigations and undermine global efforts to curb the pandemic, which has almost caused 3.5 million deaths.

On Wednesday, Biden ordered intelligence agencies, especially the CIA, a full report in 90 days that would yield “a definitive conclusion” about the origins of the virus. It is a question of deciding, according to the president, if Covid-19 was the product of human contact with an infected animal – the most scientifically accepted theory, even by the World Health Organization [WHO] team that made an inquiry in China in March – or it could have arisen from an accident at the Wuhan High Security Laboratory. The coronavirus was first detected in this city at the end of 2019.



million deaths is the number that the epidemic is approaching in the world. 2003

In that year, the United States invaded Iraq with the excuse of supposed weapons of mass destruction.

The spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry declared this Thursday that it was “extremely unlikely” that the virus came from this center, recalling the findings of the WHO report in this regard and that of a vast majority of virologists and scientists in the world, that validate the theory of animal infection. Zhao Lijian reproached the United States for its “intention” to use the pandemic to stigmatize the Asian giant and political manipulation to attribute guilt. And he accused Washington of being disrespectful to science and irresponsible to people’s lives.

The three patients

At the origin of Biden’s order to the CIA is that the White House has been pressured to carry out its own investigation after China communicated to the WHO that it considered that the part of the investigation in its territory was complete, and ask this body to move efforts to trace the origins of the virus to other countries. In this context, a few days ago a report of US espionage appeared that apparently nobody knew about, where it was revealed that three researchers from the Wuhan Institute of Virology fell ill with symptoms similar to those of Covid-19 and were taken to hospital, before they were will register the first official coronavirus patient in early December 2019.

This report was published by the ‘Wall Street Journal’ last Sunday, on the eve of a key meeting of the WHO executive body, to decide the next phase of the investigation into the origins of the pandemic. Other press documents released these days even emphasize that US intelligence still does not know “really what the Wuhan investigators were sick of.”

In an ironic response, Beijing, which has vehemently denied the report, proposed its own theory on Thursday, also without any evidence, that the virus could have originated at a US Army base in Maryland.

The only tangible thing at this time is that the theory of the laboratory accident has returned to the present, greatly fed by social networks, and it has done so without any new scientific evidence and just as the WHO prepares the start of a second phase of studies on the origins of Covid-19. At the beginning of 2020, with the epidemic already underway, this hypothesis was discarded as a marginal theory although former President Donald Trump continued to blame the Asian giant and coined the term “Chinese virus”, even more so as the elections approached and worsened criticism for their inaction in the face of the pandemic. Since then, no one has brought her back to life with the weight Biden has given her.

Facebook again admits that it is said that the virus did “the man”

Just a month ago, Congress passed a resolution condemning hate crimes against Asian Americans and those from the Pacific Islands, which, with the pandemic and its origin linked to China, have seen a drastic increase during the Covid. Verbal abuse, harassment and beatings of Asians have especially intensified this year, with an increase of 164%, particularly in cities with a significant Asian community such as New York [with an increase of 223%], San Francisco [140% ] and Los Angeles [80%] in their respective Chinatown districts.

The new investigations ordered by Joe Biden on the origin of the virus will undoubtedly feed the conspiratorial terrain and affect the already fertile terrain of racial hatred towards this community, with which the president himself met in March after the murder of eight women in Georgia , seven of them of Asian descent. Without citing Donald Trump or his phrase referring to the “Chinese virus”, the Democratic leader did emphasize the “responsibility” that must be borne with “words” so as not to cause harm and his own cabinet has endeavored to emphasize that the Increased attacks took place during the final year of Trump’s term.

To add fuel to the situation, right after Biden’s order to its intelligence service, Facebook has announced an end to its ban on posts claiming that Covid-19 was a human creation or a manufactured virus. The policy shift, which the social media giant has justified on the basis of ongoing “new” investigations into the origin of the pandemic and in “consultations” with “public health experts,” adds to the global appetite for social media. conspiracies and will undoubtedly fuel theories that the pandemic was an artificial fabrication. The new strategy, announced on Thursday, paradoxically comes just three months after the company announced that it had expanded the kinds of claims it would remove from its platforms, including claims that the virus was of human origin.


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