Obama’s health system, backed again by Justice

Obama’s health system, backed again by Justice

New setback from the Supreme Court for Trump, who tried by all means to suppress a law that guarantees medical assistance to 31 million Americans

Demonstration in favor of 'Obamacare' before the Supreme Court in Washington / AFP

The Supreme Court ratified this Thursday for the third time the main provisions of the 2010 public health law known as ‘Obamacare’, which offers medical coverage to millions of Americans who until then lacked any type of benefit. The ruling – seven favorable votes and two against – dismisses the Trump Administration’s attempt to eliminate the emblematic achievement of the presidency of Barack Obama, the most important health reform in generations.

Supporters of the Affordable Care Act [ACA], its official name, unanimously praised the decision. From health organizations to Democratic politicians such as the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, described the sentence as “historic”, which ensures the continuity of a “fundamental” system to save lives in a “devastating” pandemic. In addition, President Biden himself, who was serving as vice president when ‘Obamacare’ was launched, referred to a “great victory” for the American people and encouraged the population to enroll in this public health insurance through the Internet.

The lawsuit filed by Texas and other Republican-ruled states sought to challenge this public health law that currently provides health coverage to some 31 million people, the highest quota since its implementation eleven years ago. However, the Supreme Court ruling rejects it because the states that filed it were not obliged to pay anything and, therefore, lack standing to challenge it.

Unexpected postures

The majority opinion of the court, written by Stephen Breyer, had the endorsement of two of the three judges appointed by Trump – Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett. The third magistrate appointed by the previous administration, Neil Gorsuch, joined Samuel Alito in dissent. There was widespread fear among Democrats that Barrett, a critic of the law who filled Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s vacancy last year, would support blocking the ACA, thus surprising his final favorable alignment.

The annulment of ‘Obamacare’ became one of the highlights of the Republican agenda after Trump’s electoral promise. But he could not achieve it during his presidency through Congress, so he tried it in the courts, which with yesterday’s add three rejections to the Republican demands.

The conservative thesis held that this law creates a negative effect on the market and pushes the prices of private health insurance to rise. However, the latest statistics contradict this theory. Not only have they not increased, but they have even decreased in the last three years, according to data released in May by the Urban Institute.


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