Seventeen decrees for Biden’s first day of work

Seventeen decrees for Biden’s first day of work

The new tenant of the White House begins to issue orders in an Administration that must deal with the opacity imposed by the previous Republican president

Thirty years after his original attempt to reach the Oval Office, Joe Biden debuted yesterday as the first president in history to face more simultaneous crises in the country than any other before. The pandemic, the economic ruin of millions of families, racial injustice and the threat of a supremacist insurrection are part of an agenda that no ruler would want to have, but which yesterday began to travel with the signing of his first decrees.

His presidency has enormous symbolism at a personal and national level and awakens the illusion and hope on the part of the country in many aspects. The one who was the youngest senator in history at the beginning of his political career becomes the oldest president with a mandate to seek unity, promote the diversity of its population, lead the country out of the economic crisis and repair the damage of its predecessor.

Facing the world, the new Administration signals that the United States is back in the affairs of the international community to reestablish its leadership and lead the country out of the isolationism forced by Trump. World leaders congratulated Biden yesterday, eager, as in the case of the European Union, to restore political normality in cooperation, although already operating in a scenario very different from that of four years ago: the new American leadership is expected to facilitate common fronts to the new challenges of China, Iran, Russia and other international disputes.

No way of roses

Nobody in his team has any illusions of following the easy way before the enormous task that the new Executive faces. Just getting through the chaos inherited from the previous cabinet will be one of the most important work approaches and will take a long time to solve for the new Administration. It should not be forgotten that the Republican president refused to facilitate the transition, leaving Biden and his people in the dark on numerous matters of state.

Change in the White House

Biden orders to paralyze the construction of the wall with Mexico

Biden orders to paralyze the construction of the wall with Mexico

Biden promises

Biden promises “truths” to unite the country