The US will leave its Afghan headquarters in 20 days

The US will leave its Afghan headquarters in 20 days

Biden promised the departure of the entire military contingent before next September 11

A US soldier patrols the vicinity of the Bagram base./AFP

US troops in Afghanistan will leave their main base, Bagram, “before June 20,” an Afghan military source reported Tuesday. A spokesman from the US armed forces confirmed the transfer of the base, but indicated that “I have no details or a schedule to announce on this point,” in which a committee created for the operation is working.

Twenty years after the start of its intervention in Afghanistan in October 2001, the United States is in the process of withdrawing its last 2,500 soldiers from the Asian country. President Joe Biden has set a September 11, 2021 deadline to complete the pullout, but operations are accelerating and could be completed this summer.

The Bagram military base, located about 50 kilometers northeast of Kabul in Parwan province, is the main US operating base in Afghanistan. It was built by the Soviets when they occupied the country [1979-1989] and was home to up to 30,000 US soldiers and civilians and NATO forces at the height of their operations in 2011.

Bagram was also used as a place of detention, often denounced by the press and by Amnesty International, who spoke of “torture centers” inside.


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