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Trump demands that 8.2 trillion be claimed from China for covid-19

trump reuters kd8d 984x468@rc.jpg
trump reuters kd8d 984x468@rc.jpg

Trump demands that 8.2 trillion be claimed from China for covid-19

The former president also demands 100% tariffs and the cancellation of the debt

Former United States President Donald Trump has reappeared this Saturday at a convention of the Republican Party in North Carolina, and has taken the opportunity to demand 100% tariffs, the cancellation of the debt and ten trillion dollars (about 8.2 trillion euros) in repairs for covid-19.

Trump has returned to the United States political landscape with a speech during the Republican convention in which he has vindicated his achievements at the forefront of the nation, has downplayed the decisions of current President Joe Biden, and has repeated the false claims about the ” deception »of the 2020 elections, according to the CBS television network. However, he has set his goal, not only in the future elections in 2024, but also in the midterm elections. “The survival of the United States depends on our ability to elect Republicans at all levels, beginning with next year’s midterm elections,” he asserted.

Trump has criticized Biden’s policies on immigration, the economy and abroad, and has added that the country is being “destroyed” before the “very eyes” of the citizenry.

In compensation

The former president has also expressed his interest in knowing the origin of covid-19, and has urged the United States Government to investigate the issue at a time when there are those who point to Chinese laboratories as the birth point of the virus . However, Biden’s main medical adviser, Dr. Anthony Fauci, has been against this theory, something that Trump has used to criticize him.

“He is not a great doctor, but he is a great promoter,” Trump said. “He likes television more than any politician in this room, but he has been wrong on almost every subject and he was also wrong in Wuhan and in the laboratory.”

Along these lines, he has pointed out that “all nations should work together” to present to China a bill for a minimum of ten billion dollars (8.2 billion euros) to “compensate for the damage” produced by the covid- 19, according to the Fox News network.

“As a first step, all countries should collectively cancel any debt they have with China as an initial payment for reparations,” he said.

In addition, the former US president has stressed his position on establishing a one hundred percent tariff on any type of product that is imported from China.


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